5/22/24 #kihei

Were you at the KCA membership meeting in March, 2011 at the old Kihei Charter Middle School, when Pacific Disaster Center’s Dr. Stanley Goosby presented disaster preparedness to KCA? If you missed that one how about last evening when Dr. Erin Hughey, Director of Global Operations, offered an entertaining and informative presentation to an attentive audience of almost eighty members of our community at the Pro Arts Playhouse.

A lot has changed between those events. While the 2011 one was video recorded, we cannot locate it. There was a great bit of journalism reporting on it in the Maui Weekly, but that too is gone, and of course the Charter School moved mauka on Lipoa to the new education center above the highway.  Dr G is still doing good scientific work, but now in Honolulu with NOAA and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: https://gokihei.org/government/community-meeting-31511-emergency-preparedness.

But you are in luck if you missed last night. at the Pro Arts Playhouse, as this is is available on KCA Facebook Page.  https://www.facebook.com/kihei.community.association/

What has not changed is the outstanding unsung  worldwide work performed by PDC from right here is central Kihei.

Dr Erin leads us through some steps on how to make our community, and others all around the world. safer

LOOK at this extensive list of PDC partners, AND this is only ones that would fit on this chart There are MORE!!

This worldwide network is all under control of this facility right here in Kihei

Almost eighty concerned residents attended our general membership meeting at Pro Arts Playhouse on the third Tuesday of the odd month of May

KCA member Michael Elam reminded us of the outstanding efforts of PDC right in the center of our community


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