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  UPDATE  7/6/15  Newspaper poll on cane burning  UPDATE 7/2/15     The Maui News caught up with KCA this morning with a front page professionally  written article on this topic.. The article contained first mention we have seen in our local newspaper concerning the Kihei meeting this past Tuesday.  See . In the article the […]

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KCA back at Planning Commission to speak on DownTown Kihei

We were in the minority on choice of agenda item Tuesday morning   As the room literally overflowed out the door on 7/28/15,, KCA was the first and one of few to testify here. We continued our pitch for safe bicycling and pedestrian access inside and outside around this proposed project, on both sides of […]

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Maui County road repairs this week in Kihei

  So now it is our turn for several repairs, scheduled to commence Monday 7/27/15 at 8:00 AM: 1. Long discussed Kanani Street has just one section at this time between Kanakanui and Auhana Roads  (It’s a start) 2. Kaiola Pl from Ohukai  Rd. to Koki Pl. . Ironic as the very poor roadway section […]

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In what may be the greatest attended meeting since inception over the three years ago, about 30 attendees filled the Kaunoa Senior Center meeting room to hear about a “Water Use and Development Plan” (WUDP) with invited guests State Water Commissioner Jonathan Starr (also a Kaupo Community Association Board Member) and Council Member, and Chair […]

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KCA recommends you attend FEMA meeting at KCC on Thursday

JULY  30, STARTING AT 2:00 PM       Many of you are aware there has been much community discussion about the validity of South Maui’s FEMA flood maps. It is our understanding that FEMA does not create their own maps, but accepts the local government ones, in our case, that is Maui County maps. […]

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Mary, Mike, Jeanne, Adele,Patricia, Emily, Pat, Daniel and Linda

Unfortunate news for our Community

We have learned that while she will remain with MPD, our very well appreciated & respected Community Police Officer Emily Kibby will no longer fill that duty. She has served us for a few years in that position, and was joined just over a year ago by a fellow officer, John Akana. As officer Akana […]

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UPDATE 7/2/15  More of the same. Defendant asked judge for new public lawyer, but was denied. Indications are he may choose to refuse any agreement, and go to trial. Next hearing is set for July 13 at 8:30 AM UPDATE 7/1/15 Once again more delays, with yet another hearing scheduled tomorrow 7/2/15 at 9:00 AM. […]

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LARGE turnout at Council’s Planning Committee

Thursday morning meeting (6/18/15) stirs strong feeling about County’s Community and General Plans and effect of land zoning ordinances on them. Your Association had four directors present and testifying among the nearly forty testifiers, at an unusual meeting. Some out of the “out of the ordinary” aspects were there seemed little community awareness of the […]

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July 21 General Membership Meeting mixes fun with safety.

Civil Defense keeps us safe while our parks provide enjoyment with health So are you prepared for this hurricane season? It has begun, so your preparations should be in order. Do you have a plan? Are you stocked up with food, water, batteries, etc.? Still unclear of the best plan of action? The fix for […]

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KCA testifies at Council’s LUC on R & T Park

                                This Wednesday afternoon, (6/17/15) we submitted testimony to Chair Bob Carroll and his Land Use Committee on what probably is Kihei’s largest project, the long established Research and Technology Park(R&T) located mauka on the Pi’ilani Hwy on Lipoa. At […]

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