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This Morning DRC Examines Proposed Residential Condo Project on Kanani Rd.

This morning, 7/31/14 your Association’s Design Review Committee viewed a presentation on Cove Beach Village, by Chris Hart and Partners (CHP) with Victory Development/ Kai Ani Development, concerning a three story residential project proposed to be located on the South side of Kanani Road makai of the Blue Sea Breeze Apartments near SKR, across road […]

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MECO advises response to Maui County input to our Planning Committee

As reported here on 4/10/14 SEE Maui County energy guys reported to this committee their position on MECO’s proposed actions in South Maui. This morning (5/8/14), MECO, represented by“project lead ” Engineer Troy Connatser and “Director of Government and Community Relations,” Mahina Martin .came to the committee to offer their perspective.    .. Your […]

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DPW Director David Goode meets with KCA Planning Committee

This morning (4/10/14), as always, Director David Goode pleasantly agreed to address the concerns of our Planning Committee at the KCA office. Presented with that very familiar list of KCA priorities going back decades, including the proposed N-S Collector Rd, making Kihei a walkable-bike able community and overall sufficient infrastructure to match all the established, […]

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Six lane Mokulele Hwy and four lane So Kihei Rd in your vision of our area?

At the Cameron Center in Wailuku, between the Hospital and the Police station, the State Department of Transportation has scheduled a meeting seeking public input on Wednesday, April 2 at 5:30 PM. For details of the statewide plan see , but it is divided by island. There are numerous proposals included for South Maui […]

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The Next Bike Path for Kihei: Waipuilani- WHEN? 2018!!!

UPDATE  ( 2/5/14)     Yet another delay on the way to that “Walkable-Bikeable Community”about which we always hear. Now the constrution of this bike path seemingly set to begin this year, was deferred to year 2018 due to permitting issues (SMA, CZM, 106, USF&W, 4F,…).  and fact the project has only a preliminary alignment laid out. […]

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Saturday afternoon tour of historic Kihei gulch

Explore Historic Gulch- Potential Walking Path for New Kihei High School Event date: Saturday Feb 8    3-5:30 pm Public and policy makers are invited to walk along the historic Kulanihakoi gulch that borders the future Kihei High School site. Walkers can meet at 3pm Saturday February 8 at the Betsill Bros. office parking lot at […]

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Transportation Plans for South Maui

Increasing a road speed limit naturally increases the number of vehicles that can drive along it, right. Whoa!!, slow down. That is not necessarily the case, say the experts. On Thursday (12/19/13) at 6:00PM, renowned transportation innovator Dan Burden and his team from Walkable and Livable Communities Institute offered a power point presentation at […]

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Cruising into Kihei

Not all Kihei visitors arrive here by commercial carrier, be it airline or cruise ship., especially at this time of year. Some guys have their own transportation, be it private jet parked at OGG or this way. Boat (ship?) was anchored in Maalaea Bay opposite Kenolio Park area Sunday ( 12/22/13) morning. Can you identify […]

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Are we getting any improvements for safe walking & biking across Kihei? Not yet!

UPDATE 12/24/13   Guess is was an “accident.”  We now observe a chain is welded to the huge fixed post, and the chain fastened to the gate, so access for bicycles is once again hampered. KCA has been on a seesaw for years (decades?) with County Government for the mystical (mythical) N- S Collector Road, but […]

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Don Guzman

Central Maui Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan to 2030

Don Guzman UPDATE 10/23/13   Councilmember Don Guzman organized a “Kahului Community Town Hall Meeting” this evening at Lihikai School in Kahului to look at this plan. He welcomed representatives for Maui County DPW and NPAC.   This evening (5/25/12) at the Cameron Center Auditorium in Wailuku, about 25 area residents watched a detailed power point presentation led […]

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