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UPDATE 7/1/15 Once again more delays, with yet another hearing scheduled tomorrow 7/2/15 at 9:00 AM. UPDATE 6/15/15 Back in court at 8:30 this morning for the latest update, which was a bit disappointing, since is yet another postponement until July 1 at 8:00 AM. This  is described as a “change of plea hearing” as opposed […]

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Star Player is BACK again

UPDATE  5/25/15         BACK AGAIN  The very popular Double “D” Maui bus is back in Kihei this week. We have to assume the low hanging lines were raised, and the street trees were trimmed to everyone satisfaction, since the DOT told us nearly half a year ago (see below) the bus was ready to go. Now we’ll […]

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Back AGAIN at the County Planning Commission

5/12/15 UPDATE  Yup, you guessed it back again. We wish to thank both Planning Director and Commission Chair for adjusting this item to the beginning of the agenda to allow the three community testifiers to offer their input, and quickly listen to the Commissions discussion of the matter. Two of the three testifiers were your […]

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KCA again proposes a safe bike path in Kihei

            UPDATE 5/7/15 This afternoon KCA assembled with DPW Director David Goode, Councilman Don Couch and new Park’s Director Kaala Buenconsejo at the entrance to the Kihei Community Park (KCP) for a site visit/walk along the makai edge of park to examine KCA’s proposed asphalt bike path extending from Welakahao […]

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UPDATE  5/22/15   MAUI NEWS REPORT ON TOMORROW’S EVENT:   Bicyclists conduct silent ride to remember slain Kihei cyclist May 22, 2015 The Maui News Save | Post a comment |             Bicyclists are invited to join a “Ride of Silence” from Kahului to Kihei and back Saturday to commemorate […]

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KCA testifies again at Council’s B & F Committee

On Wednesday morning (4/15/15) KCA expressed continuing support for safe bicycling in So Maui. While we had done so at the neighborhood committee meeting on April 2, see As this morning meeting on the eight floor was considering matters pertaining to the Department of Public Works (DPW), we joined several safe Maui bicycling advocates […]

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Two KCA Directors testify at Planning Commission- we’ll be back on 4/28/15 too!

On Tuesday morning (4/14/15) KCA expressed continuing community support for the inclusion of sidewalks at the intersection of Ohukai and the Pi’ilani Hwy, which is presently being refurbished by HDOT in North Kihei . (See and ) The major focus of the meeting was the “Orientation Workshop,” explaining the planning process, the divisions […]

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KCA ‘s ongoing call for a safe reasonable walkable/bikeable community SIDEWALKS

Sadly, wherever we have them, Kihei is notorious for disjointed segmented sidewalks. Needless to say, this discourages walking for any distance, as if you are forced into the roadway, the lack of safety is obvious. Rather than a parent pushing a stroller for the joy of a walk in a pleasant atmosphere or to run […]

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KCA testified to the Planning Commission this morning (3/10/15)

UPDATE 3/11/15 So what happened ? Our attempt to consider moving  the SMA boundary elicited a strong developer, builder contingent in opposition against just KCA, and unsurprisingly the PC voted unanimously against the proposal. Today the Maalaea dump is already reopened- see today’s Maui news for professional article on that outcome. But is was not […]

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KCA Viewpoint in Maui News

Maui Lu redevelopment provides chance for forward-looking planning in South Maui Viewpoint February 24, 2015 By MIKE MORAN , The Maui News Save | Comments (1) | Post a comment |             It seems apparent that most people agree Kihei was poorly planned or perhaps just unplanned. Any professional we […]

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