5/28/24 #kihei

Most recreational cyclists riding across Kihei try to avoid the State Highway and South Kihei Road  (SKR) by using residential streets for safety. But between Ka‘ono‘ulu and Waipuilani there are no such alternatives. Proceeding South on SKR immediately past Ka‘ono‘ulu at the “temporary bridge” over Kulanihakoi Stream, the bike lane is continually blocked by dirt.

The southbound bike lane on SKR is overwhelmed with dirt forcing cyclists into the traffic lane crossing the bridge over Kūlanihāko‘i stream

Riding North  on SKR, most turn right onto Ka‘ono‘ulu, as while SKR does have a short bike lane fronting Hilton Time Share, it soon ends and soon after there is not even a shoulder!

As the bike lane going north ends, the narrow shoulder is covered with sand and soon afterwards disappears completely

But turning onto Ka‘ono‘ulu, that bike lane is not useable due to numerous impediments.

Bike lane is coved with dirt which flows down

Bike lane on South side of Ka‘ono‘ulu is covered with dirt

Proceeding mauka, cyclists are confronted  with tree limbs…

and/or blocked by tree limbs.

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