UPDATE  12/8/22  Today we see more of the same, as developer now has sidewalk right to the intersection, but nothing from County Administration on thier portion along Ohukai.

Sidewalk brings walkers right to Ohukai, with no sidewalks on either side









UPDATE 10/30/22   Sidewalk responsibility around this nearly completed (early 2023) “workforce” housing project in N. Kihei is divided, as the developer is responsible for the portion along Kaiola Pl., and the county administration Public Works Dept. (DPW) for the segment on north side of Ohukai. This morning we observe the status. The developer’s segment along Kaiola is progressing concurrently with home building, but the DPW improvement indicates zero progress as you can see here.

We have been trying to get missing sidewalk segments on Ohukai filled in for well over a decade to no avail. Over four years ago the Mayor committed to adding one mile of sidewalk along S. Kihei Rd. (SKR) in N. Kihei. Over that span of time we were advised that some portion of that mile would be done on Ohukai instead of SKR. As both roads are extremely hazardous for pedestrians as there are no shoulders, we felt that to be a reasonable modification. What is not acceptable is the total failure to provide even an inch of new sidewalk on either county roadway in N. Kihei.


New sidewalk on Kaiola Place makai next to the new Hale Kaiola housing project

On Ohukai, we see no indications of the needed sidewalks going down the hill to connect to the long existing segment on the south side of the project. Seems the county is delayed getting required permits to do this vital project for the safety of both the new and current residents from……. THE COUNTY!








VERTICAL! Hale Kaiola project on Ohukai Road and Kaiola Place, Kihei

UPDATE 7/12/22  Progress   






6/16/22  Going UP


South end of the job site exhibts the first buildings of the project








6/8/22 UPDATE

How is this housing project construction progressing?  An opinion may depend on perspective.

Viewing the site’s north end you see this.

WOW Looks like no homes ready to be built here for some time 








BUT if you take a look at the South side:

WOW How soon we go vertical?

Ready to start building?









2/7/22 UPDATE  Once again we see the wind took down an even longer portion of the fencing at the job site


Wind again tears down the jobsite fence






fence down on Thursday morning










UPDATE 1/20/22 

A lottery for units within the future Hale Kaiola workforce housing community takes place on March 4, 2022.  The lottery will determine which successful applicants will secure one of the new housing units at the project site. 

Interested parties can visit alaula.org to start an application. Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Feb. 28, 2022. Eligible applicants must be a resident of Maui County.






UPDATE 1/3/22    We see continued preparation work on the job site this morning.















Members of the development/building teams did reach out to us concerning our comment addressing the vast variation in the minimal home price offered when they were getting approvals  ($290K)  and the current press release ($390K). The explained that all costs had drastically increased over the years exacerbated during the pandemic. In addition they offered they could offer a manini number of units at a lesser price, and increase prices on the majority to compensate, but mo betta to offer a better balanced approach on all ranges and keep all below county guidelines:

Every single home is offered below the prices set forth in the County?s Guidelines. Please note the Sale Price Guideline Pricing vs. Hale Kaiola?s total pricing:

2-beds Below-Moderate $404,345 / Hale Kaiola pricing – $390,000 to $399,000

3-beds Moderate $570,900 / Hale Kaiola pricing ?  $520,000 to $560,000

3-beds Above Moderate $666,100 / Hale Kaiola pricing $595,000 to $599,000

UPDATE 12/24/21  The good news is actual work has begun preparing the land for construction. The sad news is the minimum selling price has increased by $100K.

Scroll down is this historical report and you will read it was proposed for $290K, but in this release taken from Maui Now yesterday, it is now $390K

New workforce homes in K?hei now taking applications starting at $390,000

A purchase price for a new home in So Maui for under $400K for a qualified local buyer in today’s market is probably a good price, but a big increase from what was stated a couple of years ago.

UPDATE  11/11/20   Yesterday the Commission approved the 100% work force housing project in the latest hurdle of the county process, so homes for local working families is one step closer to reality.

UPDATE  10/28/20  No decision at MPC as ran out of  time—probably decision on 11/2/20

UPDATE  10/22/20  Next county hurdle is Maui Planning Commission (MPC) this Tues. So another month goes by in the inefficient process to get new homes constructed by guys who live here for guys who live here. This month we are under the Administration appointed MPC, and KCA has submitted testimony for approval for the valued project. You can do the same or do live virtual testimony  “some time” after the meeting commences at 9 AM on 10/27.”



On to the Planning Commission


UPDATE  8/12/20  The Hale Kaiola project intention to present at the Affordable Housing Committee (AH) didn’t happen.

This work force housing project in North Kihei was the first item on the AH Committee agenda this afternoon. However, the meeting’s agenda was also loaded with two other very hot button issues, which logically brought a great many testifiers. In fact, there was almost three hours of testimony.  The Hale Kaiola’s team was required to be ready to present that day as well. Yet, after being remaining available for all that time, the team was eventually advised by Committee Chair Kama to come back on August 19th.

We have seen the presentation several times including at our Design Review Committee, at the South Maui Advisory Committee and in Council Chambers last year at the Council’s Planning Committee. Obviously, most of the Council members saw it there as well.

But is this is the “fast track” process for a project trying to fill a small puka in the gaping need for homes for local families? Or does this tedious process push developers to just go for high-end projects, when costly delays are simply added to the price on ultra homes?

KCA offered supporting testimony for the project, which has a starting of $290 thousand for a two-bedroom home. We hope the committee offers no further delays, so the project can move onto the Maui Planning Commission.

Kaiwahine Village on Kaiwahine Road, North Kihei

10/31/19.  While Ikaika Ohana is doing everything possible to allow the initial residents to be able to move into Kaiwahine Village before the end of the year, a huge brushfire in North Kihei burned right up to the construction dust fence caused significant smoke damage. This smoke damage makes any move-in impossible, until at least 2020.

Ikaika Ohana continues the tedious process of combing through all the applicants to ensure they are properly  qualified.

Stay tuned.

Kenolio Apartments on Kaonoulu and Kenolio, Kihei

Another affordable housing project in Kihei, Kenolio Apartments, is accepting applications for renters right now. A first move-in may be another year away.









Ikaika Ohana’s Kawahine Village proves it: 100% truly affordable can!

10/5/19 #kihei
How long have the developers been jiving about having to make money on expensive housing before they can can help with some affordable? Once approved, the hi-end gets done but all sorts of delays and concerns pop up for the “work force” units. The community ends up with fewer than proposed once again.

But now we see Ikaika Ohana setting a new standard at Kaiwahine Village. The lottery  (see https://gokihei.org/volunteer/and-the-winners-are-sorry-there-are-well-over-100-so-we-are-not-naming-them-here) selected the winners as well as all on the waiting lists and the community asks what else?

Well we see Kenolio Apartments structures towering over the black dust fence at Kaonoulu, and this is set to be 100% affordables, so what is the status?  Unfortunately we have not been able to develop the communication level we have with Ikaika Ohana. so we do not have the information.

We reviewed this project over 5 years ago  (see https://gokihei.org/environment/kca-drc-scores-the-kenolio-apartment-project).

On the other hand, we have outstanding communications with Ray Phillips and his proposed Hale Kaiola project in South Maui (HALE KAIOLA, LLC) with homes for ownership just north of Ohukai, makai Pi’ilani Hwy. This is a new project, so it is a few years away, but we have assurance on continuous updates.

This brings us full circle back to Ikaika Ohana. They are moving ahead with two projects on the West side, but they are starting to plan for another project in Kihei. Stay tuned.

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