Ikaika Ohana’s Kawahine Village proves it: 100% truly affordable can!

10/5/19 #kihei
How long have the developers been jiving about having to make money on expensive housing before they can can help with some affordable? Once approved, the hi-end gets done but all sorts of delays and concerns pop up for the “work force” units. The community ends up with fewer than proposed once again.

But now we see Ikaika Ohana setting a new standard at Kaiwahine Village. The lottery  (see http://gokihei.org/volunteer/and-the-winners-are-sorry-there-are-well-over-100-so-we-are-not-naming-them-here) selected the winners as well as all on the waiting lists and the community asks what else?

Well we see Kenolio Apartments structures towering over the black dust fence at Kaonoulu, and this is set to be 100% affordables, so what is the status?  Unfortunately we have not been able to develop the communication level we have with Ikaika Ohana. so we do not have the information.

We reviewed this project over 5 years ago  (see http://gokihei.org/environment/kca-drc-scores-the-kenolio-apartment-project).

On the other hand, we have outstanding communications with Ray Phillips and his proposed Hale Kaiola project in South Maui (HALE KAIOLA, LLC) with homes for ownership just north of Ohukai, makai Pi’ilani Hwy. This is a new project, so it is a few years away, but we have assurance on continuous updates.

This brings us full circle back to Ikaika Ohana. They are moving ahead with two projects on the West side, but they are starting to plan for another project in Kihei. Stay tuned.