5/15/2017  #kihei  Aloha Friends and Ohana!

This week we have a need for many volunteers in fun and engaging pizza festivals. 
Choose your school and/or your days.   This is such a fun time for the kids to experience! 
Kihei Elementary 
Days:  M, T, W, and Friday 
8:15 setup, class rotations start at 9:00; classes end at 2:00.   
Students will be helping make and eat fresh from the grill tortilla pizzas.  Also they will do plant etchings to be able to take home a piece of art.   
5 Volunteers are needed for each shift. 
Kamali’i Elementary 
Days: T, Th  
Features Chef Kevin Laut from Outrigger Pizza who will be working with kids to make oven-baked pizza.  In addition, the kids will be making fresh Ko lemonade  with freshly squeezed cane juice.   
8 volunteers needed each shift!
We would love it if you can support multiple days and multiple shifts.  Choose the days and shifts you are available for!
 Please make sure to wear sunscreen.  Close-toed shoes are recommended.  Volunteers will be asked to help with preparation, setup, engaging with kids and cleanup.  
Thank you for helping!   
Contact me if you have any questions.
Kathy Becklin
Executive Director
808-344-0469 kathy@growsomegood.org http://GrowSomeGood.org


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