UPDATE 5/9/17 Passed  9-0. Take effect end of 2018. Small step in right direction. Proud day for Maui.

#kihei 5/8/17

We were among the forty or so testifiers at the Special County Council meeting this morning with a vast majority in support of the single item on the agenda, Bill 127 (2016) to “…restrict the use and sale of Polystyrene food service containers.” Polystyrene containers threaten the health of many animals in the ocean, including turtles. About ¼ of the testifiers were “call-ins” from Molokai, including many students, 100% in support of the bill. Public testimony occupied the entire morning (about 150 minutes), and in the afternoon session there were four presentations, two via video. This issue goes back years (SEE  https://gokihei.org/environment/kca-testifies-for-styrofoam-ban-at-council-committee-monday and even before that – before we archived items on the Web site).  Then last year it looked pau (SEE  https://gokihei.org/environment/council-all-talk-no-action-on-monday).

The council members were able to address some matters before Chair White concluded the meeting this afternoon without action and stated it is to be continued tomorrow morning at about 9:30 AM,

It may confuse the public – it did throw us – as there is already a Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM looking at about six other items up for second and final reading – as is this one – including the Kihei Gym!  But it seems the plan is to go though those half dozen items, then get back to Bill 127.

So thinking positive, by tomorrow afternoon the Kihei Gym can start construction, and we can finally take a step forward to begin removing one detrimental element killing our sea life. Boy, wouldn’t that add some pizazz to a Tuesday afternoon! Stay tuned!