Rent for a new 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit for about $400 per month?  Now that’s affordable.

UPDATE 6/15/18 We jumped the gun on Kenolio Apartments, as the street markings at the intersection (see below) which show GBI (Goodfellow Bros. Inc.) do not verify they are set do do any physical work yet, as they advise while they have bid on the project, it has not yet been awarded.

6/7/18 #kihei
One thing everyone seems to agree upon in our area is we need housing. More so we need really affordable housing, and the greatest immediate need is affordable rental housing. And yes we have all heard the double talk about build “market rate”  (does that mean not affordable to working people?) housing then you will get a bit of housing for the rest of the community. Then the blame game of requiring developers to be pono to the community and give up some profit for the good of the community to make up for the lack.

So how is it that we have two 100% truly affordable rental housing projects starting construction in North Kihei this year? While you may not be able to decipher what all these markings on the street and sidewalk at the intersection of Kenolio Rd & Ho’opili’akau St designate specifically, the grouping indicates construction is about to begin, as Goodfellow Brothers breaks ground on the Kenolio Apartments project, just makai of the Pi’ilani Hwy.

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While we have no projection from PWC  of when they expect the first move in to happen here, IKAIKA OHANA with the Kaiwahine Village Apartments just a few blocks north at Kaiwahine has an expectation of completion of this 100% affordable – that is the one with $400 per month, 2 bedroom 2 bath units – in August, 2020!  They have finally had  the last state agency, SHPD, moving, and expect to break ground this August.       

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