Assembly at the Kihei Community Center  on Lipoa at 1:00 PM before  heading over to high school construction site mauka the Pi’ilani Highway at Kulanihakoi Street

UPDATE 6/12/18 OK, holiday weekend ended, so we looked into WHY?  It is our understanding after pleasant conversation with LUC, they are anticipating a possible attempt  by a state agency to seek changes to the imposed conditions made by the commission in 2013. Since the individual commissioner who called for the condition for an over or under pedestrian/bicycle structure has termed out, they want to insure the current commission is aware. The safety of students and others while encouraging walking and bicycling as positive alternatives to using  motor vehicles will be on the line.  So this is just a site visit; no public testimony. But we plan to be present to support   the condition.

6/9/18 #kihei   The State Land Use Committee (LUC) announced they will be on Maui  this week in part for a “site visit” at KIHEI HIGH SCHOOL (MAUI), A11-794. The Commission will assemble at the KCC at 1:00 PM for a briefing, before the site visit. At this time, we have no further information about this, and will not until sometime on Tuesday, after the holiday weekend, but we wanted to alert you of the who, what, when and where. Stay tuned.


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