6/5/18 #kihei  UPDATE  KCA testified for our requested crosswalk on SKR this afternoon at Chair Cochran’s IEM committee, and it was passed unanimously

6/2/18 #kihei. So we are walking along that short pleasant area of SKR makai  shaded by the long challenged grove of Monkey Pod trees; you know the ones the mayor is always trying to remove and blames them for every problem in Kihei. This is in fact about the only shaded sidewalk on SKR. So we are headed north on the sidewalk approaching the Waipuilani River gulch crossing, when there is a huge palm tree in front of us, and the sidewalk just stops.



But we are walking to the Whale Sanctuary, so now we have to forgo safety and walk in the street. Wait; now the sidewalk continues, but it is now  mauka. (WHO PLANNED THIS?) So what do we do? Chance ‘um and dodge cars and trucks until we reach the crosswalk at Kulanihakoi St? Or other chance ‘um, a jaywalk across SKR to mauka sidewalk. Too bad there is not a crosswalk right here with a RRFB (pedestrian activated flashing signal.) WAIT! That just might be coming with Council approval. Stay tuned; we may have more news after Tuesday afternoon.