6/4/18 #kihei  This morning once again our South Maui County Legislator for our region, Kelly King sat down with a group of KCA directors to discuss a number of community issues. Commencing at 10:00 AM, as the topics grew, the planned one hour meeting extended through a second hour, wrapping just before the clock swung to PM.  The South Maui topics ranged from affordable housing upcoming developments, the county budget process, DPW halting the proposed Kulanihakoi River crossing on SKR, the governance reso at tomorrow’s committee hearing, the proposed mid-block crosswalk on SKR at another committee hearing tomorrow, homelessness and the “Aloha Zone” with $5. M from the state government for Maui and more. (No wonder it took two hours!)   KCA is most appreciative of the Councilwoman’s faithful meeting participation at our facility each quarter.

Tom, Andrew and Mike listen

Kelly listened too