• You chose three Council races, South Maui, Upcountry and W 3, which is often called Wailuku
  • Of the six candidates of course just a single incumbent, @DonCouch4Maui and the challenger, KellyKing   @Kelly4Kihei; Alika Atay v Dain Kane and @Napua Grieg-Nakasone   @VoteNapuav @Yuki Lei .Sugimura.

You submitted a lengthy list of questions (more than we have time to ask). We did minimal editing and melding to compile a list strongly reflecting of what you submitted

Our expectation is that concerned candidates will arrive early & stay afterward , so you can prudently use those times to address them one on one. Also by arriving early you can choose prime seat.

Please remember your @MauiFoodBank donation.

Also please remember Hawaiian values, Aloha, Pono and Kuleana. Let’s not lose valuable time to hear from candidates with unnecessary interruptions. We are guests of the @KiheiCharter  School, and while this is a membership meeting, our policy continues to allow non members to attend as our guests. Please respect that.

While our members are registered voters, since many non-members read our information who may NOT be registered, we offered the reminder if you miss regular registration cutoff this week, remember it is NOT too late. The Maui County Clerk office will again have “walk in voting” which may include immediate registering from OCT 24 to NOV 5, 8 AM to 4 PM daily at the County building.

So registering to vote is covered; now voting. VOTE IN ALL NINE COUNCIL OFFICE CONTESTS! @MauiCounty   government does NOT have district voting, so each member has an 11% say in what the County government does in and for South Maui. We need a majority.

Our forum, as usual located at the Kihei Charter Middle School, 41 E. Lipoa (formerly Hapa’s nightclub), can help you be better informed about one third, but it is up to you to be informed about the others from other sources. It is said we get the government we deserve.

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