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10/4/16 We commend the well coordinated initial candidate forum presented to all interested Maui county residents For over three hours last evening in Kahului, these residents had the opportunity to hear from 17 candidates (Elle Cochran was in D. C conducting council business) offer a two minute introduction using suggested parameters, and then give two minute responses to three widely varied questions selected at random. This undirected method had some questions repeatedly directed at the candidates (“seawalls” seem to the most frequent, while we heard “domestic violence” once).

Whether incumbent or challenger, each candidate had a reasonable opportunity to offer information to those assembled on Monday 10/3 at 5:00 PM presented by The Maui Filipino Working Group at the Binhi at Ani Community Center. Further, Akaku, Maui Community Media team, was there recording the forum available soon on TV and their website,    for those who were unavailable to attend in person.

As we continue our preparation for our October 18 forum on a smaller scale focusing on the three Council contests selected by the community, we can advise that the submitted suggested questions many of you offered as requested will expand to many other topics not addressed last evening, while likely expanding of several that were addressed. Thus we continue to encourage everyone to seek all available sources of information to learn for what candidates stand, as no one source can completely address the plethora of complex issues.