UPDATE 9/13/15  Hey, looks like it might rain.

KCA    Dude, do really think raindrops will stop KCA after over half a century?  PARTY ON!  There is a roof over the tables anyway. Get moving and arrive early.


UPDATE 9/4/15  WOW; It is already September and I forgot. Is there any way I can attend?

KCA  Probably, IF you quickly write to  patriciagokihei@gmail.com  she will likely work her magic to allow you in on the late list, but do it NOW or it’s “NO CAKE FOR YOU.

UPDATE 8/27/15   I just got back and heard there is a party in September. Am I invited?


KCA:  How long have you been away? The deadline is this Monday, 8/31!!!  two “evites” (email invitations) were sent out to all KCA members in good standing, with RSVP, so that is how the eligible list is composed. Did you respond?  Did you get a conformation? The clock is ticking, so don’t miss out.


UPDATE 8/14/15   OK. I am a member, dues paid up, but was not invited. What’s up?

KCA:    Invitations were sent via email weeks ago, thus an Evite, so sometimes Menehunes  get involved in this process. Send us an email advising & we’ll get you in.  Also another invitation will soon go out to everyone, but be sure you RSVP (if you have not) soon, as cut off in 8/31/15!!


UPDATE 7/28/15  So what is next?

KCA    If you are already a member in good standing, by now you should have received your evite, so jump on it and RSVP.  STILL not a member? Get going by clicking on that red   button on the homepage. Be sure to RSVP, as we need to know who is attending so we have enough ono grinds. Then kick back & decide how generous you can be with your Food Bank donation. Checks OK.

UPDATE  7/19/15Sounds good so far, but what is this going to cost me?

KCA     That depends of the size of your heart, and how willing you are to help community members who may be less fortunate. The admission price is a reasonable donation to the Maui Food Bank (MFB) Giving consideration that this is KCA’s  55th year, concentrate on the number five. For this meeting, we are going beyond our usual modus operandi of only physical non perishable foods, but in addition, we will also welcome checks written to Maui Food Bank. So if your donation is canned goods, think of minimum of 5 (or 10, 15, 20  or that very HOT 25). same with a check amount. Imagine what $55 can buy, but if no can, $5 is very helpful.

UPDATE 7/7/15   So, can anyone attend just by showing up at VFW that Sunday afternoon?

KCA    Noooo!   First, you have to be a KCA member in good standing. Are your annual dues paid up to date? Then you have to make a reservation, up to two individuals per member. The reason for the reservation so we can insure there is adequate food, and NOT waste any money or excess food


UPDATE   6/30/15 HEY!  Where the heck is this party being held?

KCA:  Well if you were one of the fortunate guys who were present about 1  1/2 years ago at the oceanfront Kihei Veterans of Foreign Wars Facility (VFW), that’s the place.  SEE https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/you-just-had-to-be-there-kca-general-membership-party-at-the-beach.

Since we had an overwhelming positive response to that one, we are going to do it again, but even better.  Remember  one the few objections was the food was great, but line was way too long & moved too slow. So we are working on a different format to keep up the food quality, but make it easier (& quicker) to get.

An extra incentive to make the July 21 meeting- get your reservation in early.


UPDATE  6/9/15  INQUIRY?  Hey that’s a Sunday!  KCA never does things on Sundays- and what time is this?

RESPONSE: We spent most of our time in the 20th century, and after all these years maybe time for something new. Runs from 4:30- 6:30 PM More later.

What were you doing on October 19, 1960? Where were you that day? Not sure?

Well what’s important is where will you be on September 13, 2015?

Come celebrate fifty five years for your Association.

Sure it is months away, but now is the time to mark your calendar, because you sure do not want to miss it. Over the next few months we’ ll be supplying facts and details, like what and where and who and how, but right now you have the date . So mark it & keep your eyes and ears open to learn more.