UPDATE  8/21/20. It appears that the enterance road for the future residents may be completed. We have followed this project for over six  years going back to 2014.  https://gokihei.org/?s=kenolio+apartments    but we have followed this transit corridor way before that, as this is part on the North-South Collecor Road planned route. For years when we asked county officials about the NSCR  we were assusred whenever this land was developod, the developer was required to construct this “complete street,” a roadway with parallel greenway for complete multimodal transit, as a condition of construction.  But when the long term land owner sold it to PWC with a plan for “affordable housing,” that requirement dissolved.

So while it is great for the community to have more affordable rental housing, there is no accompaning infrastructure for the new or current residents.









5/29/20 #kihei


The Kihei Community Association has long been a supporter of affordable housing for the Kihei Community. There have been two developments recently, both of which have been completed and are now accepting application. The Kihei Community Association has been involved with the Kaiwahine Project from its beginning.

Kaiwaihine Village is an affordable housing development with 120 two and three bedroom apartments in North Kihei.  It is still accepting applications. It is managed by Ikaika Ohana property management company. If you are interested, please call 808-266-9322 to apply in person for an application, as last we heard they still have a few units available.  ALSO  the property management—it is being handled by ThirtyOne50 Management.  The office has now moved to 555 Kaiwahine and is located in the community center so interested applicants can pick up an application there. That is right at the complex 

The recently constructed Kenolio Apartments with its 186 units is also now accepting applications, but only online

Their lottery is expected to be held June 30, 2020. Completed applications must be received by June 26, 2020.