While they were placed on opposite ends of the Commission’s agenda, and in some ways they are polar opposite developments, the opening 100% “affordable” all rental residential Kenolio Apartments at the SE corner of Kenolio and Kaonoulu and the International chain Walgreens Drugs at the SW corner of SKR and Nohukai were both a concern to our community, warranting KCA testimony. Some may say our testimony on them were polar opposites, but we see some similarities in both, and lots of differences, of course.

Due to the nature of our all volunteer, unfunded non profit, we are unable to dedicate a full day to the meeting in Wailuku, but with the help of several Directors, we were able to address both developments. The Commission took the unusual step of no lunch, so both were completed by early afternoon

Pacific West Communities (PWC) request for an SMA permit for the Kenolio Apartments was easily granted by unanimous vote with lots of kudos.

KCA of course completely supports the drastic need for reasonably priced residential units, but our concerns remain adhering to the legal requirements clearly stated in the Kihei-Makena Community Plan (KMCP), particularity related to infrastructure and our environment.

The often mentioned, but seemingly ignored segment of KMCP that states,” Upon adoption of this plan, it shall be required that adequate facilities and infrastructure will be built concurrent with future development.” applies to all developments.

However the exceedingly great need for affordable rentals demands a lot of leeway, and while exact rental pricing cannot be determined as rules governing are set annually, were this project have been completed last year, the rental for a 1/1 apartment would have been $275. per month!

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But of the last item, Walgreens request for an Environmental Assessment (EA) final determination by the Commission, which was deferred at the 1/12/16 meeting SEE: https://gokihei.org/environment/not-so-fast-walgreens-says-planning-commission was once again deferred. We will await official records to determine individual Commissioners votes, but we believe four of the six present were voting against granting the request

We remain steadfast that this proposed structure is unacceptable at this location, but prudently, we again offered our list of 13 required conditions for approval if it proceeds. STAY TUNED!