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The Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association(MMNA) had their annual public membership meeting last (1/18/15) evening at the Kamali’i Elementary School cafeteria, which we attended as an observant guest. Starting at 6:00 PM, first half hour was dynamite pupu (see pix) and social time, before President Debra Green opened with a power point naming the current directors one by one before naming the three candidates each to fill a board seat, two kane returning, and new Wahine stepping up. All 3 were elected by show of hands.

Next Debra offered a recap of 2015 events, before introduction first guests presenters two very knowledgeable guys with whom we are very familiar, as they have graced our public (and more) meetings as well.

KCA Director Daniel Kanehele and frequent presenter Lucienne de Naie jointly offered some historical perspective on the area we now call Maui Meadows.

In addition Maui Tomorrow’s Executive Director Albert Perez, who was KCA’s guest the end of 2015 last November, offered his update report concerning Community Plans in Maui County. Unfortunately we could no stay for that portion, nor the final presentation from Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) regarding Little Fire Ants (LFA) and coqui frogs.


About 100 guys filled the hall, including as expected mostly Maui Meadows residents, but few others (like us) outside that neighborhood as well.

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