UPDATE 3/14/16  The County Council will address numerous unpaid, volunteer Board, Committee and Commission nominees brought forth from this Policy Committee, including this one we addressed here this Friday morning 3/18 at 9 AM. Will the Coucil go forth with the recomendations of their Committee, which is the usual process or will new challenges be offered. You can express your opinon by doing up to the eight floor Friday morning to testify, or if no can submit written testimony via the County website. http://www.mauicounty.gov/index.aspx?NID=159



This morning’s (2/29/16) Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee (PIA) meeting at 9:00 AM was exclusively devoted to nominations of community volunteers to County Boards, Committees and Commissions During much of the discussion of eleven various advisory groups, numbering about 15 volunteer nominees, some were very quickly decided, while others caused extensive questions and comments. There is no reasonable way we could touch on all the nominees, so we are just reporting on the one headlined, as that was the sole topic of our testimony. We will also offer one observation.

A handful of guys testified, the majority about Lucienne, and all in favor of her joining the “Board of Water Supply,” so we are pleased she was supported and will go forward. While living on the other side of the Island, she has been a long time volunteer supporter of KCA, a frequent knowledgeable participate and presenter at numerous general membership meetings. (Plug her name into our search feature on this site for a sample.)

The other item was a nomination for the “Fire and Public Safety Commission,” which holds an important kuleana of the County Fire Dept, soon to include our Ocean Safety Officers of a gentleman from Molokai, who was approved in a close vote, and we could not possibly comment on him as an individual. But the concern was brought up by Lanai Councilman Hokama, who asked the administration who nominated him, why he would be the second Commissioner from that island, while South Maui had none.(when current one terms out end of March.) Nine commissioners, none from our area, does not seem right to us.IMG_2851 IMG_2857 IMG_2852 IMG_2863 IMG_2859