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UPDATE 1/22/19 The final meting of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) took place last Thursday  (1/16/20) evening at 6:00 PM at KCC. Unfortunately only 4 of the 12 “citizens” showed up for this fifth and final meeting which were spread over two years, but KCA participated in all five. The volunteers have about 3 weeks ti submit final comments  before the draft goes out to the community, expected in March. Stay tuned











UPDATE 6/20/18  Show goes on the road to Azeka on Friday evening 6/22/18.

Before the 4th CAC meeting occurs, the organizers will be at Fourth Friday Event to meet the community.

UPDATE 3/14/18  The THIRD meeting took place this evening but location moved across the street to  the Kihei Elementary School. Our regular representative George Rixey was back in place, along with reps from schools, Youth, and the mauka ranch lands, but none of the other six entities participated.



Citizens Advisory Committee has second meeting

1/12/18 #kihei
Last evening at the Kihei Community Center, the second of the CAC meetings on this item of great concern to our organization commenced at 6:00 PM. The two hour meeting is hosted by
CH2M (now Jacobs), the firm contracted by the County Administration’s Public Works Department for this transportation study of just Kihei, not south Maui – thus the identification.

The committee is composed of representatives of several organizations – including KCA – to offer input in the process. Other entities were reps from schools, canoe club, bicycle league, Kihei Youth Center, visitors bureau, mauka ranch lands and MEO.

A lot of data was offered on population by region. Out of Kihei’s 9,300 households, North Kihei has a vast majority of youth (under 20) while South Kihei has a majority of seniors (over 65). In transportation, there were statistics provided on pedestrians, bikes and motor vehicles.

The meetings are expected to continue about every other month, likely running into 2019.

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