Name debate continues, but one is under construction and one is not

12/9/17 #kihei
“I’m the Kihei High School.”
“NO! I’m the real Kihei High School.”
Will the real Kihei High School please stand up?

Are you old enough to remember the old TV game panel show, To Tell The Truth? Well we only have two claiming the same name, not three, but which one will it be? Time will tell, but more important than the name, which one will be educating secondary students in Kihei first, the State DOE entry or the SMLO charter entry?

OK, technically both schools “broke ground” with ceremonies, as we reported here at each event, but after nearly two years, the DOE one dug a well & put up a sign and “kinda” forecast a 2022 opening of some sort, while the Charter School is actually doing construction, as you see here, and looks to open in 2018!

Back to the naming, SMLO firmly states their name officially is Kihei High School, while DOE seems to have no firm decision (look at their sign), but we have heard maybe South Maui, Patsy Mink. or some Hawaiian language selection, but a name for an imaginary building seems less important.

You can get an update on the Charter School’s new facility up in the R & T park at the next General membership meeting on 1/16/18 (yes still the third Tuesday of the month). Mark it on your calendar for the new year. The 2018 Board Officers will also be announced at that time