10/24/21 #kihei

As a community organization, we have always offered everything to our entire community, not just to our members. But the fact is we have always, since 1960, been a membership organization. So while our website, our membership meetings, both in person and on-line, our twice monthly newsletters and more are all available to everyone, it is our members who direct our actions. And these members elect the board of directors each November for the following year. For decades we did this at the general membership meeting as directed by our by-laws, but with the pandemic and our switch to on-line virtual meetings, we had to modify this procedure.

Once our nomination committee prepares a slate of candidates by the Oct. 31 deadline, we will email all our members and ask them to vote for the 2022 board. The result of that on-line election will be announced at the general membership meeting on Nov 16.

It is not too late to submit an application to apply for a board seat.  If you have been a KCA committee member and/or been active in our community, you are invited to complete an application available on the website: https://gokihei.org/membership/kca-board-of-directors-application  Please submit no later than Oct. 27.