10/10/21  #Kihei  

The Kalama Park Action Team (KPAT) was formed 17 years ago by concerned citizens that decided it was time to take back our beautiful central Kihei park by making it safer and more family friendly. With the blessing of the county parks department and the police department, the yellow tee-shirted group began passive evening patrols through the park, noting situations in need of attention–graffiti, vandalism, homeless encampments, flagrant drug use, etc. The group did not confront individuals but did report findings to the parks department and police for further action on their part. What a difference this presence made! The park cleaned up quickly, improvements made and families returned. KPAT and KCA spearheaded the installation of the ocean front sidewalk running through the park, in large part thanks to Andrew Beerer of KCA’s Parks and Education Committee for once again, never giving up.

As conditions improved, what started as twice weekly patrols eventually reduced to monthly walks until the initial pandemic shut down, Now, the community is being asked if there is interest in resuming the monthly walks. Meeting time is 5:30 and walks last no more than an hour. Part time residents are invited to join. It’s a chance to enjoy the sunset, get to know your neighbors and get out of the house and stretch your legs. County mandates must be followed so we are looking for a max of ten volunteers at one time but having alternate back ups will be helpful. If you’re interested in joining or learning more, contact Mike Trotto at Mikeyinmaui@aol.com.