10/12/21 #kihei

Were you at our Community Center when the (pre-final) Kihei Master Drainage Plan was presented to our community on 9/21/17? 

Walter Chong presented the Kihei Mater Drainage Plan in September, 2017.


Before this in May of 2017 at our general membership meeting, we had a preview of what to expect when Public Works Director David Goode presented a draft plan.

David Goode brings out the community on Tuesday evening unveiling Kihei Drainage Master Plan at KCA meeting

Public Works Director David Goode presented this plan to the KCA.

Preview in May, ’17.  SEE: https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/david-goode-brings-out-the-community-on-tuesday-evening-unveiling-kihei-drainage-master-plan-at-kca-meeting

Pre Final in September, ’17.  SEE:  https://gokihei.org/environment/pre-final-kihei-drainage-master-plan-meeting-was-on-thursday

After that plan was soundly rejected by the community, KCA spearheaded an effort for another more progressive “greener” plan by another professional firm, EcoSolutions, headed by Dr. Amanda Cording. From her extensive efforts at Makena Resort, South Maui was familiar with her forward thinking and green approach to drainage and flooding issues.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) pursued the suggestion and negotiated a modified plan just concentrating on the two major Kihei rivers, Kulanihakoi and Waipuilani. As EcoSolutions was nearing completion of the modified plan, KCA invited the firm to give a presentation at our community meeting on 5/21/19. 

Wes Crile offered the preview of the modified Kihei Master Drainage Plan from EcoSolutions at KCA membership meeting. Newly appointed DPW Director Rowena Dagdag Andaya offered input on the matter to the assembly.

SEE:  https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/may-21-2019-general-membership-meeting

Shortly after that preview it is our understanding that the final EcoSolutions plan was delivered to the Department of Public Works and has since vanished. Repeated attempts to learn the whereabouts and status of the report have been fruitless.

Just as we were presented with DPW’s revised draft of the original plan in 2017 we are prepared to share  the improved and modified EcoSolutions plan as previewed at our community meeting in May, 2019. 

But for some reason DPW will not reveal the whereabouts nor the details of this plan to the community?  WHY?