With a decision to skip December for all the usual reasons, the group closed out the year with a discussion of Land Use Laws on both County and State levels. With representation from Community Associations of Haiku, Kihei, Kula, Makawao and Waiehu. as well as Maui Meadows Homeowners Association, guest Albert Perez of Maui Tomorrow (MT) worked in conjunction with Dick Mayor and Lucienne de Naie using a PowerPoint, explaining many of the details of the system of land use . In some ways it was a review of the MT offering delivered to our Community at our last meeting on Nov 17 See

https://gokihei.org/meeting-recap/meeting-recap-for-111715 .

But there were many modifications by Dick, and Lucienne’s portion was lost as meeting time expired. Following are many portions of the powerpoint, but here is link to the complete product  



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