We think it is reasonable to say we went out of 2015 with a bang, last evening (11/17/15). After the general membership voted in a slate of twelve directors taking effect in January for the new year, opening guest County Council Chair Mike White addressed the assembly of about seventy on a variety of issues and items ranging from the proposed change of governance issue and the related selected special committee of citizens awaiting full Council approval & “go ahead, ” to the Mayor’s proposed 0.5% surcharge on State Excise tax., on Council’s agenda for this Friday at 9:00

He graciously answered community questions from the floor during his presentation.IMG_2036 IMG_2034 IMG_2033 IMG_2026 IMG_2031




Next Albert Perez offered Maui Tomorrow’s perspective on a variety of concerns both for S Maui as well as Island wide. He offer a tutorial on planning in Hawaii and Maui, facilitating a power point presentation, and how state & county governments are at time at odds. Basic governance dictates state law prevails, but seemingly our County does not always want to abide by that. Albert waded into the PC-21/ MCC 2.80B issue, and offered a three step solution to the concerns brought forth by County Planning, both on Admin and Ledge sides. His presentation offered a strong yet soft way of expressing his concepts and concerns, and his experience and intelligence were apparent to those present.

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The first meeting on the new year is January 19, where a balanced panel will address the very hot topic of governance for Maui County . By that time the County’s “Cost of Government Commission” and the special blue ribbon panel of 11 established by the Council likely will have conducted several meetings.