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The following in a overhear conversion (simcon*) recently at Kamaole Park III in Kihei.

My friend told me I should check out this KCA, what’s it, Kihei Community Association?, so I went Facebook an it is way out of date.

Whoa, you better check it out again, dude; they are all over it

NO way

WAY! Go to to see what is happening in Kihei

For real?

Yep it is real. Your Association is back on Facebook. Thanks to our volunteers at the Public Relations Committee, after a long dormant period, recharged & revitalized KCA is back in that game. No, that does not mean our website will no longer be there for you. But now you can keep up in either (or both) way. Click on the link  & “like” it and you are in.

*simcon: These were not real paid actors – heck they were not even real people, thus a simulated conversation. But what is real is KCA is back on FACEBOOK!