Just after 6:00 PM Monday (Oct 17) meeting commenced at Kaunoa Center for the Alliance of Maui Community Associations’ monthly gathering  Once again your organization was well represented with board and general members participation in the greatest volume, but several other C.A.’s offered strong presence and participation.

  • What began as a very brief segment of the recurring lack of “affordable housing ‘ by Stan Franco of FACE Maui, supported by Tasha Kama, continued from last month’s meeting, occupied almost the first half of the meeting on Monday.
    • The next segment was included due to the Maui News front page article the day before, “Mayor suspends work on community plans.“ Our community plans have been a favored topic going back to meeting of Alliance initial year, 2012. We recall Deputy Planning Department Director Michelle McLean being asked when she forecast KMCP update, when the “party line” was 2014. She replied with a smile (possibly indicating jest) maybe 5 years, which would be 2017. Today that seems to be overly optimistic, even before the mayor has brought the slowly moving process to a complete halt. Seemingly all organizations present found his action completely unacceptable. They agreed to ponder this recent mayoral rash action, ascertain more information & develop a strategy to counteract.
    • The next meeting is scheduled for November 21 at 6:00 PM

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