UPDATE  6/29 /20  #kihei.  This month there was community concern about getting food to those in need in our area due to the pandemic and its affect on Maui. This brought to mind this post from nearly four years ago labled  Forgotten weekly gem in North Kihei. While so much has changed the past few months, seems this has not. This gem is still at times forgotten, but they are still doing wonderful work distribting food to those in need every Friday morning. Like most everyhing else there are some logical modifications to promote safety for all involved, and a lot of increases. More guys showing up in need and a greater need for contributions and at times volunteers. Give them a call at 879-4693

Food Pantry at Keolahou Church at Kenolio for Thanksgiving

11/21/16 : Sometimes Thanksgiving is too much about near gluttony and overmuch football and not enough about appreciation, gratitude in giving, and here in Hawaii aloha and pono, and taking care of ohana

“e malama pono”…dedicated to protecting, sustaining and enhancing our ‘aina, kai and ‘ohana.

Are you familiar with the weekly “Food Pantry?” For longer than so many of us can remember, every Friday morning at 9:00 AM South Maui residents, many of them without a home, and sometimes with not much hope or help, gather  @KeolahouCongregationalHawaiianChurch , “the green church” on South Kihei Road, to be welcomed with warmth and a wide variety of nourishing food (and more). Those in need bring a supply of bags and sometimes personal carts (No, not commercial shopping carts) to tote the variety of products made available for their individual selection. Nothing is consumed on sight, expect when a occasional keiki is overwhelmed with a need for a snack and cracks open a package. No one is forgotten, including a family pet.

The weekly event is spearheaded by the Keolahou Church, supplemented by @MauiFoodBank and irregular assists from the Kihei Lutheran Church and sometimes others religious entities on the south side. And those pets? @ SPCAMaui always has a supply of dog and cat food, and often treats, for those four-legged ohana

About 8:00 AM you see the volunteers arriving to begin setting up the room as well as the outside walkways. As tables are packed with cans, jars and bottles of food and sanitary items, as well as baked goods, fresh produce and milk, those in need begin to assemble on the lanai, awaiting the chance to draw a number to see who will go first, which provides order and fairness of selection.

As we visited this Friday (11/18),  in honor of Thanksgiving there were 67 fresh turkeys available, and depending on circumstances (what if you have no refrigerator,) they could alternately chose a complete non perishable boxed family meal or a gift card.

So while this Friday had the Thanksgiving holiday emphasis, this entire event proceeds every Friday, and if you are among those who want to help other South Mauians in need, call 879-4693 to see what you can do to help. Monetary and food product donations are always needed, as well as volunteers to assist in distributing the products, and set up and break down each Friday morning. They usually wrap up the distribution about 10:00 AM, as it is very well organized and efficiently run. Why not give them a call to see how you can help guys from our area who can use a hand. Sounds like practicing aloha to us.


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