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State Seal of Hawaii (image: wikipedia)

The Office of Elections for the State of Hawaii provides a convenient online registration system. Anyone who plans to vote in the primaries can use this link to check on their registration status, update their registration information in case of address changes, and register for the first time in Hawaii. You will need a current Hawaii’s Driver’s License or State Identification card. You will also need a social security number.

If you do not have a Hawaii Driver’s License then you will need to fill out a different form. The form and those instructions are on the same website.

Your information submitted online will still be verified by the local clerk’s office. You will be mailed a postcard certifying your registration status before election day.  If your information cannot be verified, you will be notified how to complete your registration.

The online voter registration system is a secured site. The online voter registration system is on a private server, which is managed by the Office of Information Management and Technology of the State of Hawaii.

You may still register after today, July 9th, but you will be unable to vote in the primaries. If you register after this deadline, you can still register to vote in the November general election.

Hawaii Votes By Mail (image: (image: olvr.hawaii.gov))