UPDATE (12/20/12)  Today’s Look:


UPDATE:  The following was received in the KCA email today  12/5/12:

Yes the parking lot work is part of the County solar pv project. These carport pv panels provide shade to the public and will offset part of the load at the Aquatic Center. The system should be operational by the end of the year. Cost of the installation is paid by Bosch. The County buys the electricity from the panels at a price well below the MECO rate.

Doug McLeod
Energy Commissioner
County of Maui

A huge section of the parking lot fronting the Kihei Community Center, which serves the Aquatic Center, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the South Maui office of the County Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the numerous rooms in the center itself, is now fenced off while some structures are erected. The are reports that this may be for a photo-voltatic system or an electric car charging station, but this seems to be quite extensive. Do you know what is happening in central Kihei?