UPDATE: 6/23/12 It only took a couple of weeks for this unsafe route used by many to cross the four lanes of the Pi’ilani Hwy to be opened (literally) again, as a section of the restrictive fencing was removed.

Residents of a neighborhood in No Kihei have watched for years as a unauthorized and unsafe crossing of the Pi’ilani Highway was used numerous times by a variety of people. While the State Department of Transportation has a chain link fence running parallel to this four-lane highway, there were openings, and at this location, there were huge sections missing, as well as an unlocked and usually wide open gate.

Those venturing to the other side of the highway had a choice; up the slight slope on the well worn path for a quick dash across the four lanes, or traverse under via a well graffitied drainage pipe.  Some believed many of the Charter High Schoolers used these crossings, but if so, there many others heading to various commercial entities mauka, and then back across to the residential neighborhood.

But this week (6/8/12) preventative action was taken, as missing sections of the fencing were replaced, and the gate was welded shut. Some are asking if this long awaited action is somehow related to the proposed Eclipse Malls for this area, as this “crossing” is close to the northernmost edge of that mauka plot of land.

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