Already working on the next meeting for our community

Even before Tuesday’s (6/19/12) huge community meeting  began,  KCA was working with Kula Community Association and Akaku Community TV to formulate the plans for the July 24th Primary Election candidates forum, to be telecast live on CH 53 beginning at 6:00 PM from the Akaku studio. This event will supplant our July community meeting. KCA mauka’s Dick; Akaku’s Dana, Sable, Chivo and Wanda; and KCA makai’s Mike discussed the preliminary steps  for the collaborative effort to present all of Maui County’s candidates who will appear on the primary ballot on August 14 in a Q & A session with office opponents. Are you registered to vote?

PLEASE NOTE This is not a “community meeting” that public can attend. KCA & willing volunteers will be at the studio working to televise the Q & A of all Maui County primary candiadtes for live showing on CH 53. If you wish to volunteer, write .

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One Response to “Already working on the next meeting for our community”

  1. Hello KCA,

    Here’s something I truly believe needs to be done in this country that possibly people like you can do to change the American way of life and certainly help you in the challenges we face.

    As it seems right now, when a change is on the horizon as the Mega Mall for instance, even though as citizens we vote in certain elected officials that now sit back and make decisions for us, how do we truly know these people are going to really do what the people want until we cross that road? The truth be told, we don’t!

    As LAW, in the entire USA, whenever any change is to occur in a community the county should have elections to let the people vote and decide, just like any process, this way, this will ensure that the people we voted in the beginning, whom we thought we could trust, didn’t turn out as expected, this now puts the power back where it belongs in the hands of the people to decide their fate, not just a few!

    So why aren’t we doing this and I believe this is a very important GOAL that KCA strives towards!

    After all this is the American way and by creating this, it’s a safety net when people sneek around behind our backs, so to speak of, to give us back our democracy to keep the checks and balances weighed properly!