South Maui CPAC 5/24/2023 – South Kīhei and Wailea

South Maui CPAC 5/24/2023 – South Kīhei and Wailea


4/13/2023 #kihei #southmaui #cpac #communityplan

Wednesday, May 24, 5:30 pm
Malcolm Center
The South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee

The committee will review and make decisions on the Planning Department’s proposals for the future of North Kīhei.

Watch in person at the Malcolm Center or on the WeAreSouthMaui Facebook page or BlueJeans.

There will be an opportunity for oral testimony before each item. Written testimony is encouraged; send it to and cc the CPAC chair at, if possible by 10am on Monday, May 22.

Material for the discussion on the South Kīhei subarea

Planning Department

Subarea 3: South Kīhei

Areas of Change: Central Kīhei, County-Owned Parcel

CPAC Member Input

Subarea 3 central Kihei proposed changes in land use

Location of land uses

Public Testimony


Rory Frampton_Subarea 3_South Kihei

Material for the discussion on the Wailea subarea

Planning Department

Subarea 4: Wailea

Area of Change: Honua’ula

CPAC Member Input

Subarea 4 Wailea proposed changes in land use

Public Testimony

Justin Parsons_Subarea 4_Wailea

Jeffrey Ueoka_Subarea 4_Wailea


The schedule for the remaining meetings is here.

Testimony instructions excerpted from the agenda:

To watch the meeting or provide video testimony:  Click on or use meeting link:

To listen to the meeting or provide oral testimony via phone, dial 1-408-915-6290 or 1-408-740-7256 or 1-312-216-0325 and enter Meeting ID: 696 080 612

Testifiers via video are asked to sign-up using the Chat function providing their names and the item they wish to testify on.  Testifiers via phone will be called by the Chair after in-person and video testimony is finished.  Testifiers will be called by the Chair to offer their testimony, those participating by phone or video are asked to mute their audio and video when they are not testifying.

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