South Maui CPAC 10/16/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review

South Maui CPAC 10/16/2023 – Overall Map Review and Area Description Review


10/12/2023 #kihei #southmaui #cpac #communityplan

Wednesday, October 16, 5:30 pm
Malcolm Center
The South Maui Community Plan Advisory Committee

The committee will review the maps / land use designations made so far for all subareas of South Maui and the accompanying text in the draft plan.

Watch in person at the Malcolm Center or on the WeAreSouthMaui Facebook page or BlueJeans.

There will be an opportunity for oral testimony, except for on “Review of Adopted Maps / Land Use Designations” because this meeting is a continuation from 10/11 when public testimony was taken on that item. Written testimony is encouraged; send it to and cc the CPAC chair at

Review of Adopted Maps / Land Use Designations

From the Planning Department

List of CPAC recommended changes to Growth Framework/Maps

Subarea 1 | Mā‘alaea/Keālia

Subarea 2 | North Kīhei

Subarea 3 | South Kīhei

Subarea 4 | Wailea

Subarea 5 | Mākena

Subarea 6 | ‘Āhihi-Kīna’u/Kanaio

From the CPAC members

Map to compare the 1998 Kihei-Makena Community Plan to the new plan

Rob Weltman_Land Use Designations in Mākena Outside the Urban Growth Boundary

Brian Ward_Input on Actions and Land Use Designations

Public testimony

Isaac Hall_Subarea 5 (Mākena)
Bernard Lassalle
Brett Gobar
Eva Roberts
Jo Kimm
Joanne Foxxe
Madolin Wells
Nick Drance
Erin Mukai – Subarea 3 South Kihei.pdf
Ka’imi Judd_Subarea 5 (Mākena)
Rory Frampton – Kihei Mauka & North Kihei Area of Change
Dick Mayer_Review of CPAC Recommended Maps
Albert Perez_Subarea 2 (North Kihei)
Lucienne de Naie_Clarifying maps for the 10.4.2023 request by Honua’ula Partners to amend fig 3.15
Kīhei Community Association – Subarea 2: North Kīhei

Review of Subarea Descriptions

From the Planning Department

Section 3.1 | Growth Framework

Section 3.2 | Community Plan Designations

Section 3.3 | Community Plan Map and Subareas

Section 3.4 | Areas of Change

Section 3.5 | Areas of Stability


Review of Policies Requested from the Planning Department

From the Planning Department

New policy language from 10/4 CPAC meeting

From the CPAC members

Gary Passon_Final Review of Policies



List of Significant Sites

From the Planning Department

List of sites and areas from the 1998 Kihei-Makena Community Plan

Public testimony

Ka’onohi Lee_List of significant sites
Lucienne de Naie_List of significant sites


Prioritization of adopted actions

From the Planning Department

Recommended ranking based on polling CPAC members

Actions not included in ranking

From the CPAC members

SMCP actions ranking – Gary Passon – 10-10-23


Other Business


From the meeting agenda:

Public testimony will be taken when each agenda item is discussed. Testimony will be limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes. Testifiers will be called by the Chair to offer testimony. More information on oral and written testimony can be found below.
To watch the meeting or provide video testimony: Click on or use meeting link:
To listen to the meeting or provide oral testimony via phone, dial 1-408-915-6290 or
1-408-740-7256 or 1-312-216-0325 and enter Meeting ID: 696 080 612

Testifiers via video are asked to sign-up using the Chat function providing their names and the item they wish to testify on. Testifiers via phone will be called by the Chair after in-person and video testimony is finished. Testifiers will be called by the Chair to offer their testimony, those participating by phone or video are asked to mute their audio and video when they are not testifying.


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7 months ago

In the newsletter re: the North-South Connector Rd..AS IS….
the comment that there is no safe place to walk is erroneous…
the EXISTING NATURAL PATH HAS no cars, no traffic, no homeless (like at Safeway),plenty of room for bicycles, roller boards, elderly, parents and young children can run around safely, dog walking and school kids walking home from school… this path has no entry or exit for and from cars which adds to it’s safety. No fumes, No car noise, No street lamps to impact the homes on each side of the path….
when you pave this to look like the one at Safeway, you will remove the free area for everyone to use it…. it will have cars with no exit east and west so if there is an accident there is no access except from Waipuilani or Kulanihakoi…and if those 2 streets are blocked you have a disaster scene…
Since it will be a very narrow path, no roller board, limited space for only one or the of activities…noise, fumes, street lamps for the homeowners on both sides of the path.
and with benches, trees and water fountains, it will be another haven for the homeless.. it will become what has become at Safeway… the homeless need other areas to live in….

I have commented on this several times and those in the neighborhood agree… however, no one listens to us, who will be most impacted….

7 months ago
Reply to  Gylian Solay

Mahalo for your input for your neighborhood. Here is what are also hearing district wide. Disaster Mitigation particularly with regard to Fire Abatement. Kihei, South Maui, is a long, very narrow ocean side community encompassing more than 10 miles of linear development with two main roads. As evidenced in previous fire evacuation attempts in July 2019, Pi’ilani Highway and S. Kihei Rd. are insufficient for evacuation purposes particularly considering rampant development in the boarding resort communities in Wailea and Mākena. Kihei experienced crippling grid lock during that fire event endangering hundreds of visitors and residents. In order to have appropriate ingress and egress, when it comes to evacuation from fire, it is imperative that South Maui North-South Collector Road be completed. In order to ensure residents and visitors in this important economic region can evacuate from fire storm the North-South Collector Rd. must be completed. This important transportation infrastructure has been in the planning phase for over 20 years while density has increased with development to the south. Completion of the next segments along with proposed purchase of Weinberg property North of Uwapo, would offer passage all across No Kihei. Further this contiguous multimodal roadway would serve as a firebreak.

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