Kihei’s proposed “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” on South Kihei Road

What would be the overall best way to cross the Kulanihakoi River Gulch in North Kihei along South Kihei Road (SKR) between Kaonoulu and the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary Facility?

3/25/18 #kihei
You remember when the ancient dilapidated box culvert just south of Kaonoulu nearly collapsed, but had first the emergency steel plate installed, in 2013 (SEE

But before that was done, KCA met with the Public Works Department (SEE

Then the “temporary” bridge was put in place in January, 2015, which we chronicled almost daily (SEE

The following year it was at the Planning Commission (SEE

The point is: KCA has been engaging with the County Administration for almost five years now, expressing that staying with their original plan in spite of input showing a better, less expensive solution is at least baffling. Now we see they are proceeding with spending $4.65 M to build a temporary roadway into a culturally sensitive area, place a temporary bridge across the river mauka of SKR, and then build a new ground level box culvert in place of the original on SKR. Ultimately this will be replaced with a raised bridge!

We continue to advise: just drop in a prefab bridge at the original site and forget all these expensive, time consuming, culturally offensive, natural environment unfriendly, flood enhancing actions.


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One Response to “Kihei’s proposed “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” on South Kihei Road”

  1. Thanks for the insight into this continuing discussions on the SKR bridge. It’s disappointing that our paid public employees have so little expertise in their areas.
    I hope the 2018 elections will result in better people in place, and that we may move forward with the KCA plan to solve this perennial flooding situation.
    Thanks for you leadership and tenacity, Mike.