UPDATE 8/23/13 Pau

UPDATE 8/22/ 2:00 PM  Plates being installed by Goodfellow Brothers team, a pleasant cooperative crew, who were receiving the ire of drivers about the road closure.

UPDATE  8/21/13 9:45 PM  With road closing schedule to begin 7:00 AM tomorrow morning, there is NO signage anywhere in the area to alert drivers  of the impending close. The evidence is these two Road Closed signs faced away from drivers view, set to be put in place at closing.

Very preliminary data, but word is this Thursday 8/22/13 South Kihei Road will be closed, likely from 7:00 AM to at least 10:00 PM for emergency bridge repair at the Kulanihakoi bridge between Kaonoulu and Kulanihakoi Streets. KCA has encouraged the County Administration to place signage minimally a mile or more from the closure to prevent a few neighborhood streets from being totally overwhelmed with vehicular traffic, while jamming intersections at the Pi’ilani Highway. Further, we are asking for traffic officers be strategically stationed at key intersections to help alleviate and mitigate impending challenging situations.  See:  http://mauinow.com/2013/08/20/kulanihakoi-bridge-stabilization-to-close-south-kihei-road/