IMG_5481.JPGThis current edition of the Maui Time Weekly asks what will climate change mean for Hawaii? For answers to this query and several others on this topic, be sure you are at the Kihei Charter Middle School at 41 E. Lipoa this Tuesday (Aug 20) at 6:30 PM for our general membership public meeting.

“This month’s Kihei Community Association (KCA) public meeting will examine a world wide problem from a local point of view,” KCA President Mike Moran offers to the membership. “Climate change affects everyone everywhere on some level, but living in a beach town in the middle of the Pacific, the single facet of rising sea levels has a “wow factor.” for us in South Maui,” he concludes. Pacific Whale Foundation  Conservation Manager Lauren Campbell

Lauren Campbell, PWF Conervation Director  5/29/13

Lauren Campbell, PWF Conservation

will offer a stimulating power point presentation on this topic. KCA is very concerned that at least some of the numerous challenges caused by climate change be addressed and improved . IMG_5005.JPG

In addition, Executive Director Sarah McLane IMG_1268.JPG will offer a brief introduction to the Maui Nui Marine Resource Council, as well as KCA’s regular “sense of place” segment from Director Daniel Kanehele.

Everyone is welcome on usual third Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Non perishable food donations are strongly encouraged for the ongoing Maui Food Bank drive. Doors open at 6:00 PM for pupu and talk story.

Interested in membership or 2014 BOD? More information, see or call ( 508) 499-9996