In reaction to Councilman Don Couch’s public announcement at the KCA monthly meeting on 2/21/12, that the now notorious quartet of Monkey Pod trees on So. Kihei Rd  (SKR)  makai, fronting and shading the Maui Schooner resort, will be uprooted and moved, a coalition of members of the Maui Outdoor Circle, Maui County Arborist Committee and KCA’s Street Tree Committee announced a rally to save the trees at their present site at 980 SKR on Saturday 3/3/12 , 9 00- 11:00 AM.

A similar action last June, shown in above pictures, when County government planned to chop down the same trees, is generally acknowledged to have stopped that action, while several entities engaged in discussion for a more pono solution. The latest announcement has roused the same ire once again in a sizable segment of the Maui Community. The group encourages participation in the rally and sign waving, designed to bring attention to this proposed action. For more information, see