WHAT did he say??     Maybe caused by holiday weekend “hangover,” combined with World Whale Day all day Saturday activities, or guys thinking it was a Monday, but a light turnout at this month’s community meeting did not dampen the enthusiasm of Nutritional & Physical Actiity Coalition’s (NPAC) Mike Morris and Sandra Mc Guinness as they addressed making Kihei more walkable and bikeable, coordinated with better nutrition for our population, as practicable way for a better Kihei. However, a serendipitous schedule change had Councilman Don Couch give his Council update  after the NPAC power point presentation on nutrition and activity to promote a more healthy community.

The “bombshell” was that those notorious four Monkey Pod trees on S Kihei Rd were being uprooted and moved to another location, seemingly very soon. In addition, Couch stated that the Kihei community had mixed reaction to the impending Eclipse mega development in N Kihei, while also announcing a hearing on a live music shut down at 10:00 PM for all bars in the “Triangle” location across from Kalama Park, scheduled for 3/14/12 in Wailuku.

The meeting concluded with the planned panel of the NPAC duo and President Jon Miller discussing their program and plans before opening the panel, then including the Council Member, to audience questions. Look for a comprehensive  report of the meeting in next week’s Maui Weekly.

March 20 meeting will be KCA’s first “Garden Party,” and no, you old rock ‘n rollers, this has nothing to do with Ricky Nelson. Stay tuned.