See update below the pictures—We love the Maui Bus, and the two routes which run across our community, mostly along So. Kihei Road. Unfortunately many of the stopping locations do not have pull-outs, so as the number of buses increase, so does the vehicle traffic accumulating behind each bus. Compounding this concern, some bus drivers will not utilize the few pull-outs we do have, such as both North and South at Uwapo Rd., and just stop in the driving lane to load & unload passengers.
County administration advised four  $200,000. bus shellters would be completed by years end, each including an asphalt strip so buses could pull over safetly (MN, 6/29/11). Now we see that the first two bus stop shelters are ready to be placed on each side of Uwapo at SKR, as the concrete pads have been installed on road’s edge , but NOT at the locations of the present stops, and have no pull-out locations. Thus we are regressing instead of progressing, reducing the number of pull-outs, while decreasing traffic flow and testing local drivers’ patience.