Eclipse Willing to Participate in Public Meeting and Consider Small Changes to Big Box and Outlet Centers

Council Member Don Couch arranged a meeting with Eclipse Development Group’s (Eclipse) representatives Paul Bernard, Charles Jenks and Phil Rowell, to which the KCA BOD was invited. To our knowledge no media were permitted to attend, so we expect this will be the only source of information for our membership and the community. To clarify, Maui Weekly and Maui Now writer Tom Blackburn Rodriguez was in attendance, but we understand he is now under contract to Eclipse, so ethically would not function in this capacity on any matters anyway related to the company or their actions. Examples:

Don Couch opened the meeting, stating he hoped this was the first of a series of meetings/conversations between KCA,  Eclipse, and himself , and  that he would organize a future public meeting, in which Eclipse would present to the community. To eliminate any confusion , this has no relationship to KCA, and we would have no part in any planning or parameters of such a meeting.
Charles Jenks spoke next, explaining his version of the history, approvals, land entitlements, etc. of the proposed site of the two malls, but he would  not address any conditions.
Next, Paul Bernard took the floor and explained the project, and then KCA and Couch were  allowed to ask questions, and make comments, before traffic engineer Phil Rowell, who has worked on Maui for twenty years, offered his presentation on traffic issues in the area, and advised Elcipse  is waiting for feedback from HDOT re: the new traffic study. Stay tuned.