UPDATE: 2/1/12   Council passed on second and final reading.

UPDATE:Full County Council  hearing on this proposed ban on 1/20/12  resulted in unamimous approval. The second and final reading is expected soon.

Maui County Council is deliberating a complete ban on alcohol consumption at both Kalama and adjoing Cove Parks.  KCA has not taken a position on this matter, but is interested in hearing from the membership to form an opinion. A unamimous decision was made at the County Council’s  committee hearing on 1/5, for a complete ban. Presently, it is illegal to consume alcohol in county park parking lots  and on all beachs.

While this matter has had prior consideration, the issue was raised again as instructors of keiki in various disciplines reported having their classes disruped numerous times by intoxicated individuals and groups. Want to make a comment?