Alcohol Banned at Kalama Park

UPDATE: 2/1/12   Council passed on second and final reading.

UPDATE:Full County Council  hearing on this proposed ban on 1/20/12  resulted in unamimous approval. The second and final reading is expected soon.

Maui County Council is deliberating a complete ban on alcohol consumption at both Kalama and adjoing Cove Parks.  KCA has not taken a position on this matter, but is interested in hearing from the membership to form an opinion. A unamimous decision was made at the County Council’s  committee hearing on 1/5, for a complete ban. Presently, it is illegal to consume alcohol in county park parking lots  and on all beachs.

While this matter has had prior consideration, the issue was raised again as instructors of keiki in various disciplines reported having their classes disruped numerous times by intoxicated individuals and groups. Want to make a comment?

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10 Responses to “Alcohol Banned at Kalama Park”

  1. For parents of children participating in soccer, basketball and baseball, we all sign an ethics pledge stating no cigarettes or alcohol will be used during the games at Kalama Park. This is asked by South Maui Parks and Recreation. I’m in favor of a full ban on alcohol at Kalama and Cove Parks.

  2. I think that it is impossible to enforce a ban on all alcohol consumption at Kalama and Cove parks. Additionally, there is a difference between going to the park and celebrating an occasion like an anniversary or birthday with a champagne toast or having a glass of wine with a picnic dinner and just going to the park and drinking alcohol until one is drunk and disorderly. What needs to be banned from the park is disorderly conduct regardless of why it is initiated. Individuals that act in a way that is destructive to the park environment need to be fined or asked to leave the park. Individuals acting in a way that impacts on the safe use of the park by others also need to be asked to leave the park. Behaviors such as fighting or confrontational aggression need to be controlled at the park. Those who are drunk and acting in a disruptive way to the safety of others need to be removed from the park.
    Therefore the answer to the problem of disruptive and abusive behavior at the park is not to ban alcohol, but to fine or remove those causing the abusive behavior.

  3. Recently I had time on a weekday to walk through Kalama park with my husband. Not only were many of the people there sitting on benches and tables and obviously drinking, but one man stepped into our path rather menacingly, as if to stop us, and said in a very snide way, “Hello, tourists”–emphasis on the word “tourists.”
    I would not want my children playing in the park with these individuals around, and obviously they are not providing a welcoming and safe environment to our island?s visitors.
    If people want to bring a glass of wine or beer to the park, perhaps alcohol could be allowed between 4 p.m. and sunset. But I also think that sunsets can be enjoyed quite nicely without alcohol, as can other beach and park activities.
    Without alcohol consumption allowed during the day, these folks will be less interested in hanging around, but if they want to enjoy the park without controlled substances, it?s there for them too.

  4. I am so sad to see no decision made about the alcohol ban at the park that is a mecca for childrens sports . Is the right to drink alcohol really a right? Is it without responsibility? Does it override the rights of most of the public to use our parks without the stink of beer in the bleachers, bottles left on the courts and around the trash cans? How about the exposure of your kids to the activities that accompany overuse?
    We are not talking about the tourist or local guy who has A beer or glass of wine during sunset, we are talking about the non-stop consumption from dawn to dusk and then the mass exit in cars with blood-alcohol levels that are questionable. When nothing is done the problem just gets worse. There is a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone. If everyone did what was right we wouldn’t need laws but that is not the case. Give the police the tools to work the problem. How about a special drinking area, like the smoking areas we now have, but away from the park and the kids. How about staying home to drink if that’s what you want to do all day? There are many solutions to the problem . Just find a place for drinking that is away from the kids. They are not allowed in bars so lets not take the bar to them. They have no choice where to play their sports but there is a choice on where to drink..Lets do what’s right at the park.

  5. Barb, The County Council’s Committee has scheduled the next hearing for 9:00 AM Thursday Jan 5, if you wish to let them know your opinion. Public testimony is done at the beginning of the meeting.

  6. Sorry Wahine; Laura & Susan, this info about the next hearing on the potetntial alcohol ban at Kalama of course is for you as well. Thursday, 9:00 AM Council’s EDR Committee hearing on the 8th floor in Council Chambers 2012 is an election year for Council members. Aloha.

  7. Sorry. MC website indicates this is Thursday 1/5/12

  8. So how is the Cove park has anything to do with Kalama park?, I here everybody talking about Kalama park this Kalama Park that, but how does the cove park has anything to do with this matter. The Cove Park is a place for families to go to have fun, surf, barbeque, swim and enjoy the day with the families, People from all over the world comes to the cove, them come enjoy the beach and have a drink and just have a great time. This is a place for all families to enjoy, so you tell me how can a place that brings joy to their lives be a bad thing?,,,think about it!

  9. rI feel that one bad apple ruins it for the rest. I am in favor of the alcohol ban at Kalama Park near areas where kids play at the play ground, tennis court, fields, basketball court, skate park that is understand able. Safety for our kids. As for the Cove Park I don’t think that there should be a ban. I frequent the Cove Park alot with my child, she loves to going swimming there. I do also enjoy having a few beers with all my friends when our families meet up. I think the disorderly should be removed and fined. I can tell you from experience when cops are called cause music is to loud, people drinking, they talking to loud it’s because the people across the street calls them when the vacation rental rooms are empty on the side near the road ( which now they been renting to they can use it for more of an excuse to call). I haven’t really seen any arrest for disorderly conduct I know it’s not the amount they mention in the paper. I see the police talk to the people not arrest them. If it’s about SAFETY for our kids then why don’t the COUNTY clean up the HOMELESS problem we have! That’s a safety issue that should have been brought up. When we had the last rainy strom all the homeless belongings were washed to the beach at the Cove. They live under the Charley Young Bridge. The day after the storm I went down to the Cove to see what the storm had done. All their belongings was on the beach, there we blankets, pillows, duffle bag, clothes buried in the sand. I also picked up a cover for a needle which I tried to look for the needle, which I did not find. But as a parent of a child that enjoys swimming there I dug out the hommeless belongs to clean up the beach. The county don’t even clean under the bridge. Homeless relieve themselves there and when it rains where do you think it goes? They should look at the whole picture, who’s at Kalama Park drinking on the benches? Who’s drinking in the pavilions? I don’t take my kid to Kalama Park to the play ground because it is so filthy, with the homeless near by in the pavilions. They should help the homeless and get them out of there!

  10. I commend our county administraters/officials, honorable council members,community leaders, as well as, concerned citizens!Your continued efforts to protect, preserve,& improve our exsisting/dwindling park areas are important to us all. As you move forward, I strongly urge serious considerations to exaust all options before rendering your final decisions on this matter!I do support change & future within our community/county, but stress the importance in seeking a fair & impartial solution which will affect the future of Maui County parks & beach usage! I am definately aware of the many challenges ahead ,especially with “BAD APPLES”/”HOMELESS issues,an confident that you will arrive with the appropriate conclusion! PROTECTING,PRESERVING,& IMPROVING Our COMMUNITY/UNIQUE LIFESTYLE affects all that live here, as well as, those who visit MAUI COUNTY ! Thank you for the opportunity!