UPDATE: 1/15/12. The dead tree has been replaced by the Parks Dept. with a   a Noni-Indian Mulberry, which with proper care could grow to twenty feet from the several inches it is now. It sits among the original two Milos that seem to be growing well. The KCA apprciates the Administraiton’s rectification of this situation. Mahalo.

UPDATE 12/26/11 Unfortunately. as can be seen below, one of the three trees planted to honor our lost military warriors is already dead. How soon can this lost sapling be replaced to show respect for our heroes?


A well coordinated event initiated by County Parks Depatment’s Sue Kaing, involving Boy Scouts, Veterans, Arborists Committee, Outdoor Circle, and the KCA Street tree Committee, gathered interested residents and visitors, including Mayor Arkawa and Senate candidate Ed Case, to Kamaole I Beach Park on Friday morning for a moving ceremony. Using the lemons to lemonade approach, a mature park tree located in the vicinity of a memorial to  Underwater Demolition Team (UDT,) destroyed during a boat salvage operation, was replaced by three saplings, each dedicated to a segment of lost military warriers. The first was for the UDT’s, a predecessor of today s Navy Seals; the second commemorated 9/11 attack, specifically Christine Snyder, an arborist aboard Flight 93, downed over Pennsylvania, and the Seals who captured Osama bin Laden. The third was dedicated to those from Maui who gave their lives in military service, including Craig Vickers.