UPDATE 2/1/16 ON AKAKU! Akaku’s video is now available for on-demand viewing:

UPDATE  1/26/16  ON AKAKU! Even while no commercial media mentioned what occurred at this meeting, seemingly because they did not send anyone to cover, we have has a lot of input from guys who were not present. But since noncommercial Akaku did send  Calvin and Peter with their equipment, the entire meeting has shown several times on CH55.  Next showings are set for

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Date Time Program Name
1/27 8:30:00 am KCA Governence Forum 1-19-16
1/29 1:00:00 pm KCA Governence Forum 1-19-16

Leave it to KCA to start off the new year with a bang, and we are not talking illegal aerials. We have had too much of them in 2015.

Attendance was estimated at 100+ and interest and enthusiasm were off the charts as Mayor Arakawa and Mark Hyde presented almost diametrically opposed points of view on this issue. Whether we continue with our longstanding current system of Mayor (Administration) and Council (Legislation), or consider moving to a ballot question vote in November of consideration of change via a County Charter modification if this was best for our multi-island County; THAT was the question.

While the government bodies examine this topic, as we see the County Cost of Government Commission,(Commission) http://www.mauicounty.gov/index.aspx?NID=179 as well as a Special Council Committee on County Governance (Committee) http://www.mauicounty.gov/index.aspx?nid=2052 both investigate this issue, our public presentation offered the community a way to participate in our local area after business hours . Members of one these two bodies have asked to consider doing the same..


If you were one of the many present and want to verify what happened, or if you wish you had attended, but could not, watch Akaku, Maui Community Media. as they volunteered to video the meeting. Look for it on CH 55 week of 1/25, and check the CH 55 schedule on  www.akaku.org.



The next general membership meeting is March 15, and the topic is the “homeless situation in South Maui.” So far we have guests County HHC Director Carol Reimann and our new Community Police Officers see: https://gokihei.org/government/south-maui-receives-early-christmas-present   

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