South Maui Receives Early Christmas Present

CORRECTION. 1/3/16   It seems we received an incorrect spelling for Officer Kamakawiwiole from MPD, so we offer this corrected spelling here..


In the fall, we were very disappointed that our area lost BOTH of our Community Police Officers (CPO), due to promotion and internal transfer, and immediately contacted the Chief to determine future placement. We received a quick Department reply advising they were going through the process, and expectation was a qualified representative would be in place by beginning of 2016.

We are very pleased to to share with the community that we again have two new CPO’s in place as of December first. KCA extends a warm welcome to Officers Jared Dudoit and Taylor Kamakawiwiole to these new positions,and look forward to working with both of them in 2016.


Captain Tivoli "Tivo" Faaumu, Kihei District Commander in his office

Captain Tivoli “Tivo” Faaumu, Kihei District Commander in his office

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2 Responses to “South Maui Receives Early Christmas Present”

  1. Please invite both Officers Jared Dudoit and Taylor Kamawiwoole to the Jan KCA meeting and thereafter, at least one of the officers could attend each KCA meeting for talk story. Would be nice for us to be able to talk to them informally and for them to be able to communicate their concerns to us.

  2. Mahalo for you input Buck, and we completely agree. With you longtime history, you know officers in this community friendly office have generally agreed to do just this, and with two, our chances are greater that one will be available. We also commend MPD Kihei Division for offering representation, even with this office was vacant, by Capt Orikasa. We hope one or both will be with us on the 19th. Yet another reason to make this first meeting on 2016!