11/16/16 Sometimes after elections, heading into the holiday season there is a drop off of attention and participation. The two proceeding meetings, candidate forums were both SRO, so last night, while not quite at capacity, most seats were filled, and audience was extremely attentive to the three presenters. 

Over the years this topic brings out some recurring themes; Is the water safe for us? What is killing the coral reefs? What happened to all the fish? Why isn’t the government doing something more? Why isn’t the visitor industry agencies and groups forcing action? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?

Our guest presenters shared their expertise to help answer  some of  these and other questions, as well as informing how you could learn more and affect positive actions. We welcomed these three astute presenters to address our membership, Robin Knox, Steve Parabicoli and Lance Collins to examine the issue and answer members’ questions.  One part of Lance’s meeting presentation concerned  Puko’a o Kama and their gofund me site for the association’s minutes:  SEE

http://pukoaokama.org       and                       https://www.gofundme.com/pukoa


Due to time constraints not every matter or subject could be discussed, and as meeting concluded many attendees swarmed the presenters for more information. We commend them for not only participation, but for staying long afterwards to serve our membership and other community members in attendance.  As an added bonus, long term KCA member, State Legislature candidate, and community activist Terez Amato Lindsey graciously recorded the meeting for the community. So this offers an opportunity for those who could not attend, and can aid those who did, who want to revisit something. You can view it here   https://www.facebook.com/TamatoL/videos/10154193717293736/    MAHALO TEREZ!


Look for a professional report of the meeting in the Maui News.

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