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By Water, All Things Find Life

KCA’s position paper on water  SEE   



When we express concerns about water, we need to explain what type. Hawaiians use kai & wai to distinguish the near shore ocean water from fresh water. Moana for open ocean,

Recently our discussions and writings concern mostly the kai :purity, pollution safety & this week moana with ocean acidification But we offer a link to wai with a comment made in our community membership meeting by one of our expert presenters, with mention of the consistently depleting of supply at the Iao aquifer, and the two experts nodding in assent. See

This brings us to this Tuesday’s (11/29) 6:00 PM meeting in Wailuku offered by County of Maui Department of Water Supply, Water Resources & Planning Division. While three regional meetings are offered this one at  Velma McWayne Santos Community Center, 395 Waena St.  (Off of Lower Main St.)  Wailuku is identified as South and Central Water Use and Development- (perhaps that Iao aquifer again?), so trip into town is required.



Also here is brief report by County water 4 years ago

With all the already appoved development in S Maui, and much more moving ahead through the process, what is the infrastrucure plan for water?

Go find out this Tuesday evening.