Regardless if you count the years since incorporation (55) or go back to plantation- camp days of Postmaster John Ventura, (70), KCA has been working to make South Maui a better place. On Sunday (9/13/15) we reflected on how much was done by so many seeking no tangible rewards , while conversely KCA received three awards from Governor, Mayor and Council. And speaking of awards we set a new precedent awarding two Wiliwili Warrior Awards for 2015.

Nearly 100 guys attended the celebration at the VFW facility, absorbing first hand historical perspectives from past president Cheryl Zarro, and IMG_0062IMG_0067IMG_0050IMG_0027IMG_0007IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1529IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1547 IMG_1544 IMG_1554IMG_1606 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1594 IMG_1605IMG_1600 IMG_1588IMG_1585 IMG_1582 IMG_1577former 20th century directors Mike Trotto and Buck Joiner. Current president Mike Moran offered some history before incorporation mostly provided by the children of John Ventura, who got the whole thing started as the the U S Postmaster/shopkeeper domiciled at the edge of the Kihei Camp, across from the KiheIMG_1678 IMG_1665 IMG_1669 IMG_1675i wharf.

In between historical presentations, once Cheryl concluded her’s, we asked husband Gene to join her on stage for presentation of the 2015 Wiliwili Warrior Award (WWA) for the Zarro’s instituting and expanding of the Kihei Charter Schools through their non profit, South Maui Learning Ohana. For the first time KCA voted to award a second WWA to Grow Some Good, the non profit truly making a generational change, first in Kihei, & then exploding out all over, creating school gardens with kekei growing nutritional produce.

We presented the award ( a Wiliwili tree seedling to be planted at appropriate location) and a certificate to each of the creative trio, Kathy Becklin, Nio Kindla and Kirk Surrey (who was off island).

KCA offers mahalo to food donors, Safeway for the celebratory cakes and other deserts, Starbucks for (what else?) coffee, and new committee member Deidre Tegarden for the pies.

Topping off the event, mahalo to the generous members who attended for their record-breaking donations to the Maui food Bank in food products and money


IMG_0004The next general membership meeting is Nov 17, when members will cast votes for the 2016 BOD, & welcome guests Council Chair Mike White and Maui Tomorrow’s exec director Albert Perez.

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