60 year old “friendship” trees in park threated because of falling leaves

Almost sixty years ago two golden trees were planted in a Maui park by people from Indiana to express friendship with Maui’s people. In an expression completely foreign to the concepts of pono and aloha, the County Parks Department plans to cut them down because of seasonal falling leaves! The County arborists opposes this action. The County Arborists Committee voted unanimously against this action. While the location is in Kamali’i Park is in Kahului, even the KCA Street Tree Committee opposes this action to support an urban forest, calling for more trees, not fewer.



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2 Responses to “60 year old “friendship” trees in park threated because of falling leaves”

  1. My father grew up two house away from this park on Aiai Street! I hope there trees were saved. I loved going to this park in my childhood, too. May I used the second image in this blog posting for an education presentation? I will be presenting to K-12 educators at the Krause Center for Innovation in Los Altos, California in May of 2015.

    Thank you,

  2. Mahalo Corine. Certainly feel free to use images for educational purposes. Good luck with your presentation. As for this situation, it is our understanding that the administration’s decision was to uproot the old trees and relocate them in another area of this little park, which was done a few years back. The trees are still living in the new location, but some question their health due to the transplanting after all those years. So we wish the trees good luck too. Aloha