11/7/15 UPDATE Or was that the deadline after all??  Indications are one can continue to call to reserve a slot for your hazmat. Our suggestion is to call and ask (number below)


You know all the stuff— batteries, damaged propane tanks, oil paints, engine coolant, pesticides and herbicides, cfl’s and other florescents, expired meds, Styrofoam*, etc. Sure you can responsibly dispose of some here & there, but while the annual event is cumbersome, you can take everything you have accumulated over the year in one trip next month. Now we KNOW you know better than dispose of this in the landfill, dump it along or in the roadway or other irresponsible acts

BTW, while this is an island wide event, KCA is the reason for this annual collection. At a KCA community meeting (candidate forum) a KCA director asked the Mayor why the Environmental Management Department organized nothing like this for residents. He responded he was not sure but would move on it and this is the result.

So the complex system requires you to call EnviroServices at (855) 325-3222 to insure they will accept what you have to offer (to insure they will accept it) and then make an appointment for either Nov 21 or 22 (Sat or Sun) DEADLINE to schedule is Nov 7, 2015.

So where is this held? We told it was complex, when you call to make appointment, they can advise the location.

So call ’em up, & start assembling you hazmat .

See for prior post on this topic.

* This event will not be accepting Styrofoam   However most “pack and ship” places will accept your “peanuts,” but not that dreaded formed stuff that is packed around many devices from printers to big screen TV’s. But Makai Glass 907 Haliimaile Rd  Makawao will, as well as the packing peanuts. Call them at 269-8255